Hi, I'm Steve Hight.

I'm a photographer living in Allston, Massachusetts. I primarily do digital photography, particularly portraits, but I also will do retouching work, fine art digital work, and shoot film. More details below.

My work should speak for itself. I like bright colors, motion, reflections, low light, beautiful chaos. My pictures are tied to the way I see the world. They are vivid, strange, and sometimes dreamlike.

I'm always looking for new projects and new faces to capture with my camera.

Aside from photography, I make music and I paint. I love art and creativity, and seek to capture that in all forms.

To book a shoot with me the simplest way to reach me is by email:

In the email just describe what you have in mind for the shoot, such as location, style of clothing, etc. Leave me your name and phone number as well.


All images ©2010-2012 Steve Hight
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